SG Atlantis Light (sgatlantislight) wrote in expectanything,
SG Atlantis Light

Fic: First chapter of No Precious Time posted to my LJ clones

This is an SGA fic intended to be posted on expectanything until LJ's most recent not-in-the-TOS policies. Because of the intended comm, warnings, which are spoilers for the plot, aren't posted with the fic, but in a separate, backposted and cut post. Pairings are also not listed for a similar reason. Anyone wanting to know may ask and I can reply in a screened comment so as to leave others unspoiled.

I have accounts under the username 'thetimebeing' at greatestjournal, insanejournal, and journalfen. You should be able to find the fic readily enough. See my earlier post for why it will not be posted to LJ or directly text-linked under the current policy.

For those without accounts on those other services who would like to comment non-anonymously, feel free to do so here.

I'm just sorry I can't post it here or at least provide a text-link.
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