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This community is for the posting of fan fiction without warnings and, therefore, without spoilers. Many fanfic communities have become very picky about warning for everything-- from death and rape to the specific pairing to unhappy endings. This is all well and good for the reader looking for a particular genre of story or pairing or what-have-you, but tends to spoil the story for those who would like to be surprised upon occasion. So, here it is, the place to post and read fanfic where you can wallow in suspense over whether so-and-so will live or die, whether such-and-such will end up with friend A or friend B (or both or neither) as a lover, and whether the characters will make it home again or not.

Expect to find het, slash, gen, and multiples; suspense that ends in character death or mutilation and some that doesn't; kinks; break-ups and make-ups and moving on; happy endings, unhappy endings, and endings where you're not quite sure; dark fic, fluff, angst, and pwp; anything goes. Read here at your own risk.

Any fandom is welcome. If yours isn't included in the list of interests, feel free to contact the moderator and ask for it to be added.

Adult material will be posted here. Those under the age of majority should avoid reading R/NC-17/FRAO and unrated posts! The authors and moderators of this comm are not responsible if you choose to ignore this warning. Likewise, those with specific squicks and past traumas are encouraged to check warnings posted at the end of some fics or to ask around before reading stories posted here. It's perfectly appropriate for you to post a comment to an unread story saying something like, "I have difficulty with stories involving [cancer/ rape/ death/ incest/ pink bunny suits/ etc]. Is this story safe to read?" and expect an honest answer from the author. You are responsible for protecting yourself, but we will endeavour to help you in determining if a given fic is appropriate for you to read.

Authors are encouraged to place warnings at the end of the fic, especially for things like rape, torture and incest, but may not place warnings in the headers!

Typical headers would look like this:

*Author's Notes:

* Optional

Genres would be such things as dark, angst, pwp, fluff, comedy, etc.

The Author's Notes may include that warnings are posted at the end of the story or you may use a separate line to indicate this.
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