SG Atlantis Light (sgatlantislight) wrote in expectanything,
SG Atlantis Light

Admin: A Couple of Things

1) Do people have feelings about whether we should request that fic posted here not be crossposted to other comms? Since other comms would likely involve warnings that we don't want posted here, a person who read both could still be spoiled. Perhaps a 2-week crossposting ban or something? Discuss.

2) I'm mostly involved with SGA fandom, but I want this comm to be open to any fandom. This means I a) don't have much in the way of appropriate icons for the comm and b) am not a member of other fandom communities where this could be pimped. So, if you're a member of a comm that accepts posts about new communities, feel free to pimp us there. And if you have any cross-fandom icons you'd part with, I'd be most grateful.

3) (Okay, so that's more than a couple.) I'm considering also accepting no-spoiler recs here. A lot of rec comms expect warnings for certain things in recs and I'd like this to be a place where they could also be posted spoiler-free. Does anyone think this is a particularly good or bad idea?
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